On March 25th we honor the courage of those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect our nations. They are proof we live among true heroes.

On March 25the 1863, secretary of war, Edwin Staton, presented the 1st Medal of Honor to the 6 members of “Andrew Raiders” for the participation during the American Civil War Raid in April of 1862. Out of nearly 3,500 Medal of Honors there has only been one women, Dr. Mary Walker

Walker helped change the face of medicine during the civil war. In 1863 she was appointed as a war department surgeon. In April 1864, she was captured by the south and held as a prisoner of war for about 4 months. She and other union doctors were swapped for confederate medical officials. She was presented the Medal of Honor by Andrew Johnson in November 1865. The medal was rescinded in 1917 however, in 1977 President Jimmy Carter restore the honor in her name due to efforts made by her family.

William Harvey Carney, who also served in the civil war, was the 1st African-American awarded the Medal of Honor. Carney was born a slave in Virginia and found his way to freedom in Massachusetts. He eventually volunteered for the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. He was tasked with taking the forts walls. The union flag bearer was killed in battle. Carney grabbed the flag and held it for the duration of the battle. Throughout the battle Carney never lost the flag despite suffering multiple injuries. After the battle Carney said, “Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground.”

Audie Murphy served in World War II. He was awarded every military combat award a U.S. Army Soldier could receive. He also was presented a French and Belgian award for his courages acts. After Germans hit their M10 tank, destroying it, Murphy ordered troops to fall back. Alone, he covered the soldiers during their retreat and held off Germans by mounting the burning tanks .50 caliber machine guns and calling in artillery strikes. His position during this time was attacked on 3 sides by 6 tanks and waves of infantry. He was wounded and out of ammunition and returned to his company. He refused medical treatment and instead organized a successful counterattack.

These are only 3 stories of the 3,493 recipients. Today we honor all of the recipients of the Medal of Honor and we thank them for their courages acts that protected our nation.

Other Facts

  • 3,512 Medal of Honors have awarded
  • There has been 3,493 recipients
  • The most recent Medal of Honor was awarded to Paris Davis on March 3rd 2023, who served in the Vietnam war.
  • Thomas Custer was the first soldier in U.S. history to be awarded 2 Medal of Honors
  • Jack Lucas was the youngest Medal of Honor recipient – he saved the life of 3 men, 6 days after his 17th birthday